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31. mayo 2016
Philips CoreLine luminaires – easy to install and affordable

A simple switch to LED technology can considerably improve your sustainability rating. › more

31. mayo 2016
Lichtbasis acquires Leuchtwerk

As of 1st of January 2016, Lichtbasis has acquired the Hamburg-based Leuchtwerk light > production GmbH. Leuchtwerk is a developer and assembler of high-quality LED lighting indoor solutions. › more

22. mayo 2015
The brillant light of Osram Powerball HCI®Excellence ensures an attractive product presentation

A natural illumination of merchandise, especially in fashion stores, plays a significant role in the field of promotional product presentation. › more

26. enero 2015
Wieland Solutions for shop fitting

What does pluggable electrical installation have to do with shop design? It is becoming increasingly important to present goods and brands perfectly in shops. In this Internet age shop fitters have to win customers over with...› more