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Ihr Kontakt

lichtbasis GmbH

Frau Magali Bégassat
Sieboldstraße 1
97230 Estenfeld

+49 (0)9305 98 81 100

licht|basis is looking for bright minds that get down to business with enthusiasm and passion. We need somebody that puts creative ideas into action. You will be expected from a dedicated team in which you will experience plenty of space for your professional and personal development.
Job Vacancies
Unsolicited Application

Account Manager (m/w)

Key Account Manager (m/w) - Shop/Retail

Lighting Designer / Lichtplaner (w/m)

Praktikant (m/w) Marketing, Produkltmanagement und Online-Marketing

Vertriebsmitarbeiter (m/w) Innendienst

Vertriebsmitarbeiter (m/w) Innendienst International