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Leuchtwerk KOMP DUO NARROWSPOT 34W/930PW 3000lm

LED Einbaudownlight kardanisch 396x208 weiß DV

Order number: : lwa520n930p-15063000.068ws
Leuchtwerk KOMP DUO NARROWSPOT 34W/930PW 3000lm
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Technical data "Leuchtwerk KOMP DUO NARROWSPOT 34W/930PW 3000lm"
Watt (W):
Average Life (h):
Gewicht (kg):
Kelvin (K) :
Electricity cost calculator "Leuchtwerk KOMP DUO NARROWSPOT 34W/930PW 3000lm"

Annual electricity costs

Length of annual operation :
2.080 Hours
Power consumption (kWh):
70,72 kWh
Energy costs:
Kelvin-Simulator lichtbasis
2700 K 8000 K

Product information

Leuchtwerk KOMP DUO NARROWSPOT 34W/930PW 3000lm

Art.-Nr. lwa520n930p-15063000.068ws

Manufacturer "Leuchtwerk"

High quality material, strong components. Leuchtwerk knows the requirements of its customers and offers its track and recessed spotlights at the best price-performance ratio. Specializing in shop / retail applications, Leuchtwerk combines modern design with sustainable LED components from a well-known market leader. This guarantees that your products are always put in the right light.


Colour rendering

The color rendering index describes how well colors from comparable light sources are reproduced. The color temperature is taken into account.
Sunlight is the reference variable with a value of 100. The lower the value, the worse the playback.
Colour rendering "Leuchtwerk KOMP DUO NARROWSPOT 34W/930PW 3000lm":
  • 90-100 (Klasse 1A)

    Lights and bulbs with RA/CRI greater than or equal to 90 are assigned to Class 1A.
    Their color rendering is excellent and close to daylight.
    These light sources are suitable for areas where color reproduction is very important. For example in salesrooms or workplaces of designers and graphic artists.


Kelvin provides information about the color temperature of a light source. It says whether warm or cool light is spread. References are candle light (1,500 Kelvin) and the blue sky (> 10,000 Kelvin).
The lower the warmer and more comfortable the light.
Kelvin "Leuchtwerk KOMP DUO NARROWSPOT 34W/930PW 3000lm":
  • < 3.300 Kelvin

    Up to 3,300 Kelvin is called warm white light. This light color is perceived as pleasant and is particularly suitable for areas in which the coziness is in the foreground, such as living rooms, restaurants and bars.

Protection type

The protection type indicates how well a luminaire is protected against contact, foreign bodies and water.
The structure is always the same and starts with IP. The two numbers after that represent the respective protection type.
The first number stands for protection against contact and protection against foreign bodies. The second number stands for protection against water.
Protection type "Leuchtwerk KOMP DUO NARROWSPOT 34W/930PW 3000lm": IP20


  • Protection against foreign bodies
    Protected against solid foreign bodies with a diameter ≥ 12.5 mm
  • Protection against contact
    Protected against access with a finger


  • Protection against water
    no protection

Protection class

The protection class shows the measures taken during the construction of the luminaire to avoid an electric shock.
Especially with metal casings a life-threatening situation can arise due to a malfunction or a short circuit.
Protection class "Leuchtwerk KOMP DUO NARROWSPOT 34W/930PW 3000lm":
  • Protection class I / protective conductor

    All the electrically conductive housing parts of the luminaire or the device are permanently connected to the protective conductor system.
    The protective conductor connection of the housing is dimensioned so that no permanent dangerous contact voltage develops on the housing and the fuse or a residual current circuit breaker triggers and the circuit is de-energized.
    Protection class I / protective conductor