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Nordic Aluminium Seilset 5,0m silber mit SNAP-ON CLAMP +

Order number: : nordicskbwlc-1-5-0
Nordic Aluminium Seilset 5,0m silber mit SNAP-ON CLAMP +

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  • nordicskbwlc-1-5-0
Technical data "Nordic Aluminium Seilset 5,0m silber mit SNAP-ON CLAMP +"
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Protection type :
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Product information

Nordic Aluminium Seilset 5,0m silber mit SNAP-ON CLAMP +

Seilset 5,0m silber mit SNAP-ON CLAMP + Wire suspension
Nordic Aluminium

Manufacturer "Nordic Aluminium"

Power rails provide the infrastructure for your lighting solution - simple installation and flexible handling when positioning or adding spotlights are a decisive advantage over permanently installed lights. At the same time, luminaires can be switched or dimmed selectively using the separate power supply (for lighting control systems, e.g. DALI).

In its planning, lichtbasis relies on Nordic Aluminum, the leading manufacturer of power rails in Europe, and is a central service point for the DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) region. The company, which belongs to the Finnish LIVAL Group, is known for the most popular 3-phase track system in the world: GLOBAL Trac Pro. With GLOBAL Trac track we implement your requirements creatively and inexpensively. In doing so, we act across all sectors. Whether shop/retail, office or in the furniture industry - we are your competent partner for realizing your visions.



ENEC stands for European Norms Electrical Certification. The symbol is used within the EU for product labeling of electrical appliances.
Unlike the CE marking, which can be explained by each manufacturer, ENEC is awarded by independent testing institutes. These verifiers must be approved by the European Committee for Electronic Standardization.
The ENEC mark ensures that
  • the product meets the EN safety standards and requirements
  • the product is re-inspected every two years
  • the manufacturer works with a quality system according to ISO 9000
  • the manufacturer has an approved production control, eg. manufacturing inspections
Visit the ENEC website for more information.

Protection type

The protection type indicates how well a luminaire is protected against contact, foreign bodies and water.
The structure is always the same and starts with IP. The two numbers after that represent the respective protection type.
The first number stands for protection against contact and protection against foreign bodies. The second number stands for protection against water.
Protection type "Nordic Aluminium Seilset 5,0m silber mit SNAP-ON CLAMP +": IP20


  • Protection against foreign bodies
    Protected against solid foreign bodies with a diameter ≥ 12.5 mm
  • Protection against contact
    Protected against access with a finger


  • Protection against water
    no protection

Protection class

The protection class shows the measures taken during the construction of the luminaire to avoid an electric shock.
Especially with metal casings a life-threatening situation can arise due to a malfunction or a short circuit.
Protection class "Nordic Aluminium Seilset 5,0m silber mit SNAP-ON CLAMP +":
  • Protection class II / protection by double or reinforced insulation

    Luminaires or devices with protection class II have double or reinforced insulation.
    If they have an electrically conductive surface or touchable parts, they are separated by a double or reinforced insulation from live parts.
    Most of these devices have no connection to the protective conductor.
    Protection class II / protection by double or reinforced insulation