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Osram Leuchtstoffröhre SubstiTUBE® Connected 16 W/6500 K 1200 mm

ST8AU-1.2M 16W/865 220-240V CONFLH1OSRAM

Order number: : osr9970564 | EAN: 4052899970564
Osram Leuchtstoffröhre SubstiTUBE® Connected 16 W/6500 K 1200 mm
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Technical data "Osram Leuchtstoffröhre SubstiTUBE® Connected 16 W/6500 K 1200 mm"
Watt (W):
Replaces watt (W):
Average Life (h):
Gewicht (kg):
Länge (mm):
Lumen (lm):
Kelvin (K) :
Electricity cost calculator "Osram Leuchtstoffröhre SubstiTUBE® Connected 16 W/6500 K 1200 mm"

Annual electricity costs

Length of annual operation :
2.080 Hours
Power consumption (kWh):
33,28 kWh
Energy costs:
Comparison of energy costs without LED, approx.:
Savings, approx.:
€12.48 (60.00 %)
Kelvin-Simulator lichtbasis
2700 K 8000 K

Product information

Osram Leuchtstoffröhre SubstiTUBE® Connected 16 W/6500 K 1200 mm

Art.-Nr. osr9970564 | EAN 4052899970564
LED-Röhren für elektromagnetische Vorschaltgeräte.
LED-Alternative für klassische T8-Leuchtstofflampen in KVG-Leuchten.
Lebensdauer: bis zu 50.000 h.
Quecksilberfrei und RoHS-konform.
Schutzart: IP20.
Direkter Betrieb mit 230-V-Netzspannung.
Connected Tube kann nur mit dem SubstiTube Connected Sensor betrieben werden.
Für besonders homogene Ausleuchtung.
Energieeinsparung bis zu 90 % im Vergleich zur konventionellen Leuchtstofflampe.
Einfacher, schneller und sicherer Tausch einer Leuchtstofflampe ohne Umverdrahtung des KVG.
Sehr hohe Schaltfestigkeit.
Auch geeignet für den Betrieb bei niedrigen Temperaturen.
Äußerst bruchfest dank Polycarbonatgehäuse.
Hoher Lichtstrom für anspruchsvolle Beleuchtungsaufgaben.
Kein Laptop, Tablett oder Smartphone zur Einstellung der Systemparameter erforderlich.
Allgemeinbeleuchtung in Umgebungstemperaturen von –20…+50 °C.
Beleuchtung in industrieller Fertigung.
Korridore, Treppen- und Parkhäuser.
Supermärkte und Warenhäuser.

Manufacturer "Osram"

LEDVANCE is a leading international company for innovative lighting products. The Munich-based company emerged from the classic lighting business of OSRAM and combines traditional general lighting with modern, forward-looking lighting technologies. LEDVANCE relies on energy-efficient solutions: The LED modules are awarded the highest energy efficiency classes (A, A + and A ++) - for environmentally friendly and energy-saving lighting solutions.

As a long-term cooperation partner, lichtbasis has a comprehensive stock portfolio of OSRAM LED lamps and lights from LEDVANCE. We are happy to assist you with the planning and installation of your individual lighting systems. Contact us and benefit from our extensive experience - together we will find the ideal solution for your requirements.


Colour rendering

The color rendering index describes how well colors from comparable light sources are reproduced. The color temperature is taken into account.
Sunlight is the reference variable with a value of 100. The lower the value, the worse the playback.
Colour rendering "Osram Leuchtstoffröhre SubstiTUBE® Connected 16 W/6500 K 1200 mm":
  • 80-89 (Klasse 1B)

    Lights and bulbs with an RA/CRI value between 80 and 89 are assigned to Class 1B. Their color reproduction is good to very good.
    These light sources are suitable for areas where color reproduction is important. For example living rooms and offices.


Kelvin provides information about the color temperature of a light source. It says whether warm or cool light is spread. References are candle light (1,500 Kelvin) and the blue sky (> 10,000 Kelvin).
The lower the warmer and more comfortable the light.
Kelvin "Osram Leuchtstoffröhre SubstiTUBE® Connected 16 W/6500 K 1200 mm":
  • > 5.300 Kelvin

    At over 5,300 Kelvin, we speak of daylight white light. This light color is considered to promote concentration and is particularly suitable for areas in which concentration is required, such as the office, production halls and schools.

Protection type

The protection type indicates how well a luminaire is protected against contact, foreign bodies and water.
The structure is always the same and starts with IP. The two numbers after that represent the respective protection type.
The first number stands for protection against contact and protection against foreign bodies. The second number stands for protection against water.
Protection type "Osram Leuchtstoffröhre SubstiTUBE® Connected 16 W/6500 K 1200 mm": IP20


  • Protection against foreign bodies
    Protected against solid foreign bodies with a diameter ≥ 12.5 mm
  • Protection against contact
    Protected against access with a finger


  • Protection against water
    no protection