Osram Parathom PRO PAR16 35 36° 4,6W/930 GU10


Order number: : OSR9957848 | EAN: 4052899957848
Osram Parathom PRO PAR16 35 36° 4,6W/930 GU10
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Technical data "Osram Parathom PRO PAR16 35 36° 4,6W/930 GU10"
Watt (W):
Average Life (h):
Lumen (lm):
Kelvin (K) :
Candela (cd):
Electricity cost calculator "Osram Parathom PRO PAR16 35 36° 4,6W/930 GU10"

Annual electricity costs

Length of annual operation :
2.080 Hours
Power consumption (kWh):
9,57 kWh
Energy costs:
Comparison of energy costs without LED, approx.:
Savings, approx.:
€15.81 (86.86 %)
Kelvin-Simulator lichtbasis
2700 K 8000 K

Product information

Osram Parathom PRO PAR16 35 36° 4,6W/930 GU10

Osram Parathom PAR 16 mit MR16 Reflektor

LED- Reflektorlampen in Voll-Glas mit Halogenabmessungen

Für bessere Lichtverteilung sorgt die innovative Single-Optik

Mit seinen Design orientierte Glas Spots besonders für offene Leuchten geeignet.

Bevorzugt in Krankenhäusern.

Manufacturer "Osram"

LEDVANCE is a leading international company for innovative lighting products. The Munich-based company emerged from the classic lighting business of OSRAM and combines traditional general lighting with modern, forward-looking lighting technologies. LEDVANCE relies on energy-efficient solutions: The LED modules are awarded the highest energy efficiency classes (A, A + and A ++) - for environmentally friendly and energy-saving lighting solutions.

As a long-term cooperation partner, lichtbasis has a comprehensive stock portfolio of OSRAM LED lamps and lights from LEDVANCE. We are happy to assist you with the planning and installation of your individual lighting systems. Contact us and benefit from our extensive experience - together we will find the ideal solution for your requirements.