Energy Saver Lamps/Compact Fluorescent Lamps: the economical lamps

same light intensity, less energy consumption

Energy Saver lamps are a good option as they have the same light intensity as incandescent lamps but consume less energy. They are not only available in numerous variations - with or without outer lamp envelope, with or without cold-start system, in spiral or stick form but also in different light colours.

There are different lamps with diverse intensity and colour temperature for each application range.

Basically, energy saver lamps are small bent fluorescent tubes. With only one-fifth of the power, they produce the same light intensity of an incandescent bulb. This means: more light with less heat loss. Furthermore, their life expectancy is 5 to 15 times higher than incandescent bulbs and therefore more valuable - even despite higher investment costs.

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Energy saver lamps are used in living rooms, restaurants, corridors, toilets and hotels.