Halogen Lamps: efficient and durable

High light output, long life expectancy

Halogen lamps have a luminous efficiency of 45 per cent higher than an incandescent lamp. The colour rendering of halogen lamps is excellent (Ra=100).
Due to the warm white light colour, they have a very brilliant light. In general, when dimming the halogen lamps, the light is very similar to the incandescent lamps. The range of the halogen lamps is very wide: there are halogen lamps with screw base or plug base and some have an integrated UV filter to avoid fading.

Originally, halogen lamps have been developed to increase the life expectancy of a light bulb. By now, some models work up to 5,000 operating hours. The halogen lamps have the same principle as the incandescent lamps: the tungsten filament is being heated up by means of electric current, however the bulb is filled with halogen gas. Energy efficient solutions are for example the halogen lamps from Osram with IRC (Infrared Coating) or the Masterline technology from Philips. The bulbs are especially coated and are reflecting the heat radiation onto the filaments.

Furthermore, the heat loss of the filaments can even more be reduced by choosing a different filling gas, e.g. Xenon. This way you need less energy  for heating up the filaments.  Our experts can provide you additional information about halogen lamps. Furthermore, you will find a variety of available halogen lamps in our shop:

The range of applications for halogen lamps is very wide, starting with the illumination of recreation rooms up to a decorative lighting in households, sales rooms, restaurants, hotels and discotheques. Based on their compact size, you can also find the halogen lamps in ceiling liners in the form of spots.