Incandescent lamps: the mother of all lamps

They used to call her light bulb…

Incandescent lamps are all kind of light bulbs. They vary in shape (e.g. ball lamps, candle shape etc), base (e.g. E14, E27) and surface (e.g. frosted, clear).

The functional principle is quite easy: an electric conductor is being heated up inside of the light bulb by means of electric current and thereby being initiated to glow. The light is warm white and therefore especially favoured to create a soft and gentle atmosphere.

However, light bulbs are very energy intensive and have a rather poor light output of max. 15 lm/W. Only app. five per cent of the energy will be converted into visible light, the rest is being emitted in heat. Their life expectancy is only 1,000 hours. The EU directive plans a step-by-step phase out of the light bulbs by 2016. They will be replaced by more energy efficient lamps, such as energy saving lamps, halogen lamps and LED.

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Incandescent lamps have been/are used in household and home supplies, in restaurants, at Christmas markets and in lounges. Their application area is notedly multifaceted.