LED Tubes: an economic miracle

Luminance without hesitation

In the meantime, LED tubes hardly show any distinctions to the standard fluorescent tubes. However, they do when it comes to energy efficiency and the illumination period.

The LED tubes save more than half of the energy compared to the standard tubes. LED tubes develop right from the start their complete illuminating power. They have three different light colours.

The decision to buy LED tubes depends very much from the application area and has to be figured out in detail. For example, the amortisation period is longer and LED tubes are only profitable at a certain amount of tubes.

When switching from standard tube to LED tube, there also has to be considered that the guarantee changes over to the assigned technical firm.

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LED tubes are suitable for commercial premises as they immediately deliver flicker-free and bright light. Furthermore, they are very proper for business and sales rooms as due to the minimal heat emission of the LED tubes compared to the standard tubes, damages of the articles of sale owing to heat are impossible.