Shop lighting: The target group-specific initiation of the light

Light consists of infinite various colours – we know how to use it in order to target specific areas, groups, or more...

The human eye is automatically attracted to specific colours, shapes and textures. Especially when those are accentuated by light. Depending on the temperature of the colour, rooms and the sentiment of the light can be sensed as either "cool" or "warm".
To increase with light the feeling and emotions to buy
We use the knowledge about the effects of the light and the psychology of the colours well directed in the arrangement and the illumination of presentation rooms and showrooms. We advice you intensely how to present the light to target specific areas of your wish – In the food sector as well as in the world of fashion.

How to use energy efficiently

There are huge differences in efficiency of the illumination. We will help you to optimise the energy consumption – even on already existing illumination systems.
Structured strategy
A precondition for the professional realisation of your requirements is the perfect combination of exchange of information, knowledge, strategy and performance.

Hence, we set a high value on an intensive analysis of your needs and the individual consultation.

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