Sport highlights require professional lighting: always in the right light

Flood lighting for optimum sight.

Heavy snowfall, waft of mist, darkness: especially in the cold season, the weather conditions for outdoor athletes are usually not very pleasant.

Here at Lichtbasis, we believe: there is no bad weather, there is only the wrong illumination.

Basically, sportive pleasure for athletes and audience presuppose a perfect illumination of stadia and sports facilities.

The demand depends on the size of the sport complex. The requirement on a perfect illumination is an indispensable condition.
Hence, we offer solutions for a wide range of customer requirements of flood lighting and sport facilities.

Be it for the football ground of the local sports club or for a winter sports centre, be it for an equestrian facility or for arenas with international competitions. 

Please contact our experts. We will find altogether an ideal solution in order that your sports event will turn into a sports enjoyment.

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