UV: Sterilise drinking water with UVC light.

Sterilisation without chemistry.

In many European countries, drinking water is being extracted from groundwater, that is being influenced by surface water. A perfect habitat for protozoon, bacteria and viruses that all can cause diseases.

An optimal protection from infectious diseases provides the irradiation with ultraviolet (abbr. UVC) light of the water, which is the oldest and most natural disinfection method. UVC light inactivates germs steadily and works without generation of harmful side products.

UVC light is a reliable solution and a secure alternative of chemical disinfection. Additionally, the taste, colour and smell of the water stays neutral and that is only one of the advantages.

Advantages of sterilisation with UVC light

  • no chemicals necessary
  • fast and efficient disinfection
  • no variation of smell and taste of the water
  • no environmental pollution as purely biological
  • disinfection of chlorine resistant germs
  • no risk of overdosage or underdose
  • low maintenance and storage requirements
  • little working expenses
  • easy handling
  • modular structure (for individual constructions)

UVC light effectively replaces chlorine as disinfectant.

The experts from lichtbasis would like to inform you about the numerous application spectra such as:

  • pond construction
  • aquaristics
  • swimming pool
  • drinking water
  • air sterilisation
  • food sterilisation
  • surface disinfection

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