Philips HID-PV 100 /S SDW-TG 220-240V 50/60Hz

Vorschaltgerät - PrimaVision für SDW-TG - Lampentyp: SDW-TG - Lampenanzahl: 1

Order number: : phi88754900 | EAN: 8711500881861
Philips HID-PV 100 /S SDW-TG 220-240V 50/60Hz

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Technical data "Philips HID-PV 100 /S SDW-TG 220-240V 50/60Hz"
Watt (W):
Voltage (V):
Gewicht (kg):
Breite (mm):
Höhe (mm):
Länge (mm):
Protection type :
System description:
Standardausfü oder mit seperater Zugentl
Electricity cost calculator "Philips HID-PV 100 /S SDW-TG 220-240V 50/60Hz"

Annual electricity costs

Length of annual operation :
2.080 Hours
Power consumption (kWh):
208,00 kWh
Energy costs:

Product information

Philips HID-PV 100 /S SDW-TG 220-240V 50/60Hz

Art.-Nr. phi88754900 | EAN 8711500881861

Das HID-PV Compact ist ein hochwertiges, kompaktes elektronisches Vorschaltgerät für den optimalen und zuverlässigen Betrieb von SDW-TG-Lampen.

Diese kompakten und leichten Geräte lassen sich schnell und einfach installieren, so dass weniger Betriebsunterbrechungen auftreten und geringere Installationskosten anfallen.


Manufacturer "Philips"

Philips Lighting is the world's leading provider of lighting products, systems and services. The company combines its insights into the positive effects of light on people with a comprehensive technology expertise for innovative digital lighting systems. Philips is an expert on connected lighting systems and professional services, and uses the Internet of Things to transform light beyond pure lighting into a fully connected world - in buildings and in urban spaces.

lichtbasis has been one of Philips' largest partners for more than 17 years. Benefit from the diverse range of products from Philips combined with the lighting technology know-how of lichtbasis GmbH. The lichtbasis team will help you find the right product for your application and provide you with your perfect lighting concept.



ENEC stands for European Norms Electrical Certification. The symbol is used within the EU for product labeling of electrical appliances.
Unlike the CE marking, which can be explained by each manufacturer, ENEC is awarded by independent testing institutes. These verifiers must be approved by the European Committee for Electronic Standardization.
The ENEC mark ensures that
  • the product meets the EN safety standards and requirements
  • the product is re-inspected every two years
  • the manufacturer works with a quality system according to ISO 9000
  • the manufacturer has an approved production control, eg. manufacturing inspections
Visit the ENEC website for more information.

Protection type

The protection type indicates how well a luminaire is protected against contact, foreign bodies and water.
The structure is always the same and starts with IP. The two numbers after that represent the respective protection type.
The first number stands for protection against contact and protection against foreign bodies. The second number stands for protection against water.
Protection type "Philips HID-PV 100 /S SDW-TG 220-240V 50/60Hz": IP20


  • Protection against foreign bodies
    Protected against solid foreign bodies with a diameter ≥ 12.5 mm
  • Protection against contact
    Protected against access with a finger


  • Protection against water
    no protection