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Power Track Configurator

lichtbasis power track configurator - plan your power track system online

Can you imagine the following situation? You have the perfect lighting solution in mind and would like to equip your room with a 3-phase track system, but upon installation you realize that you lack a connector or the protective conductor one of the connectors is on the wrong side? It’s obstacles like this which are a pain in the neck and unnecessarily delay the completion of the lighting project. But now the hassle comes to an end: with our power track configurator you plan in three simple steps your complete track system in no time. The configurator also ensures that you order not only the necessary tracks, but also all the needed accessories connectors, feeds and suspensions in the correct color and quantity.

Once you have finished planning your project, you can request an individual quote or order directly in our shop and nothing can go wrong.

Get started right away with your individual planning.

max. 30 × 30 m

Tracks with a length of 3 meters inevitably have to be shipped with a freight forwarder.
The shipping costs are thus considerably higher than for rails with a length of 1 or 2 meters.
Tracks without access to feed present!

Explanation of icons

Power track L-Connector Polarity ridge
Tail T-Connector Feed
Connectors (joints) X-Connector Error polarity ridge


Set power track:
  • Click start field
  • Click end field
Set feed:
  • Possible on tail, L-, T- or X-Connector
  • Choose side (left, right, top, bottom)
  • Side can be changed any time
  • The system checks, if the feed is set correctly
Polarity ridge not continuous!
Clicking on the feed and selecting 'Rotate' may solve the problem.
Action required...

Choose color

Lighting control



Overview of parts

Track 1m:
Track 2m:
Track 3m:
Length (m):
Bending tool:
Feeds: Feed 0 means that you have set your feed to an L-, T- or X-Connector.
Here you can feed directly without additional accessories.
Connectors (straight):

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Perfectly matching luminaires to your tracks.

In our shop you will find the right luminaires for your power track system.
From the manufacturer of the power tracks - so a maximum compatibility is guaranteed.

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