Store lighting

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Gain more sales with the right lighting

High-quality shop lighting is arguably the most effective tool to influence customers' buying behavior. Pleasant light creates positive emotions and increases the length of time that shoppers stay in the shop. Professionally set lighting accents emphasize the advantages of the products and thus increase sales.

There is no general formula. It always depends on the individual case. Various aspects such as target group, offer and environment play an important role here. In general, shop lighting should be designed in such a way that visitors to the store are not disturbed when choosing products. If the sales room is not adequately lit, the eyesight of the customers is strained. On the other hand, too much light can also have a negative effect and dazzle. In both cases: if you do not feel comfortable, you will probably not become a regular customer.

The lighting system in the sales rooms should therefore be precisely tailored to the parameters of the room: size, finishing materials, color of the walls, floor, equipment, height of the shelves and showcases, etc. Different surfaces and materials can reflect or absorb some of the light, which the visual perception of the room influenced. Only with this information can the lighting designer create a suitable concept.