We are closed on December 24th and 31st. No dispatch in week 52. In the new year you can reach us again as usual from January 3rd, 2022.
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Zeitfracht übernimmt den Geschäftsbetrieb der lichtbasis GmbH

Berlin, Würzburg, 14. März 2022. Die Zeitfracht GmbH, ein europaweit führender Anbieter von Medien- und Systemlogistik, übernimmt mit Wirkung zum 01. April 2022 den Geschäftsbetrieb der insolventen lichtbasis GmbH in Estenfeld bei Würzburg.

lichtbasis receives award: German Brand Award 2021

The German Brand Award annually honours the strongest campaigns, concepts and strategies. lichtbasis receives the "Special Mention" for successful brand management.

Red Dot Award 2021: Spottune Omni speaker wins international award for excellent design quality

We congratulate our partner Spottune on winning the Red Dot Award 2021 for excellent product design.

Our warehouse in Estenfeld

Take a look at our warehouse in Estenfeld near Würzburg! More than 4 million articles are stored on 4,500 square metres. Here, our employees process our customers' orders on a daily basis and ensure on-time delivery to their place of work.

Our opening hours during the holidays

We are also there for you between Christmas and New Year! Here you can find out our opening hours over the holidays.

How to choose the right background music for your business

Music can create a specific mood and thus influence the behaviour of customers, enabling them, for example, to stay in the shop longer and shop more. But how do you choose the right background music for your shop? In this article we will tell you what is important when choosing the right music.

Music and lighting in retail

Music - like light - is a mood enhancer that is often used in retail. The right music can make the shopping experience even more impressive and emotional - but the wrong choice or volume can also put off potential shoppers. Read our tips on how you can use music in retail to achieve your sales targets.

We visit our partner LIVAL in Finland!

A good relationship with our partners is very important to us at lichtbasis. We maintain close contact and visit our partners regularly. In this field report, our employee Sara Mrozik tells us about the trip to our partner Lival in Finland.

UV-C Sterilon Flow: Mobile air disinfection for more safety in everyday life

The risk of being infected with the corona virus or other viruses and bacteria is greatest indoors. lichtbasis now has a product in its range that neutralises the air in rooms and removes micro-organisms. 

New service at lichtbasis: Talk to us now via video chat

The lichtbasis videochat service is your direct line to your lichtbasis consultant. For joint coordination - fast, efficient and personal.

The importance of surfaces for good light (part 2)

Is green a good wall colour for a hairdressing salon? And what effect does high-gloss furniture have on work performance? Answers to these questions can be found in the second part of our lighting tip on the subject of colour and light.

The importance of surfaces for good light (part 1)

Which should come first: the colour concept or the lighting concept? And why is this question even important? We reveal this in our two-part light tip on the subject of colour and light.

Adjust the 3-circuit track spotlight - but correctly! (part 2)

We continue with our Hand-On-Tips for 3-circuit track spotlights. Do you have spotlights in your store and are you converting your decoration? Then you should also realign your spotlights. In part 2 of our blog article, everything revolves around the perfect staging of your goods after a conversion.

Adjust the 3-circuit track spotlight - but correctly! (part 1)

Hand on heart: Do you realign your spotlights when you change the decoration in your store? How to click 3-phase track spotlights in and out, what you should pay attention to when aligning them and more tips on how to redesign them are given in our two-part blog article.

Installing Spottune Omni speakers in the track is that easy

Spottune Omni is the new sound experience from Denmark. The speakers can be integrated into your existing lighting system in a very short time. Simply click into the 3-phase track, connect to the transmitter and start listening.

Spottune: Das neue Klangerlebnis aus der Stromschiene

lichtbasis hat sein Portfolio erweitert: Das neue Soundmodul Spottune Omni kombiniert Klang mit der vorhandenen Beleuchtung durch einfaches Plug & Play in die Stromschiene.

Zwei, die sich perfekt ergänzen: Grundbeleuchtung und Akzentlicht

Spiel, Satz und Sieg für das Duo Grundbeleuchtung und Akzentlicht! Was das gemischte Doppel im Shop so erfolgreich macht, erfahren Sie in unserem wöchentlichen Licht-Tipp.

Hauptsache hell? Die richtige Beleuchtung für eine attraktive Warenpräsentation

Hauptsache hell, oder? Falsch. Nicht einfach nur hell, sondern vor allem kontrastreich sollte ein Shop ausgeleuchtet sein. Unser wöchentlicher Licht-Tipp: So gelingt eine spannungsreiche Warenpräsentation.

Shop-Eingänge mit der richtigen Lichtwirkung

Schon einmal von „Schwellenangst“ gehört? Gemeint ist damit die Hemmung des Kunden, in einen dunklen Shop-Eingang einzutreten. Darum ist ein heller, freundlicher Eingangsbereich so entscheidend für Ihren Umsatz. Was noch zu einem guten Lichtkonzept am Shop-Eingang zählt, erfahren Sie in diesem Artikel.

Licht-Tipp: So beleuchten Sie Hängeware auf der Stange

Von oben, von der Seite? Mit zwei Strahlern, oder doch mit drei oder vier? Haben Sie sich auch schon mal gefragt, wie man Hängeware auf der Stange am besten beleuchtet? Wir geben Tipps.
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